Natural History


BBC Two - January 2019

earth’s great rivers

A look at the astonishing wildlife, landscapes and people of the Nile. From elephants and leopards to ancient wonders, its great length is a lifeline for wildlife and cultures.


wild great britain

Narrated by acclaimed actor Hugh Bonneville, this series reveals the hidden lives of both the familiar and more unusual animals of the British Isles.

Channel 5 - March 2018

Channel 5 - March 2018


BBC Two - February 2018

BBC Two - February 2018

animals with cameras

"Wildlife cameraman Gordon Buchanan joins forces with scientists to put cameras on animals. Together, they make extraordinary discoveries about the lives of some of the planet's most fascinating species."

For this series I was asked to document the behaviour of shepherding dogs in the south of France. There, we would witness first hand the conflict between livestock and one of Europes oldest and most fearer predators, the wolf. In order to catch this footage, we stayed up throughout the nights armed with a military grade thermal imaging camera in hope of catching the conflict between predator and prey.


mexico: earth’s festival of life

In 2016, only days after leaving the BBC to become a freelance cameraman, I was asked to travel with the BBC Mexico team to film in an incredible Biosphere reserve called El Triunfo and an amazing area of natural beauty called Sierra Gorda. Under the expert direction of Victoria Bromley (BBC NHU) it was my job to deliver immersive and intimate sequences of the landscape and the biodiversity within these areas using the latest is camera stabilisation technology. All in all, 6 weeks of backbreaking work was well worth it to witness and capture the beauty of Mexico’s wilderness.


Planet Earth II


BBC One - 2016

It’s surely our responsibility to do everything within our power to create a planet that provides a home, not just for us, but for all life on Earth
— Sir David Attenborough - Planet Earth II

I spent just under three years working as part of the Planet Earth II team. My role was to ensure that each programme has the sufficient tools in order to films sequences in new and innovative ways. This meant a lot of research and development and utilising the very latest in terms of technical camera equipment. This allowed the Planet Earth II team to be at the forefront of technological developments and gave the series and the audience a new perspective into the natural world. As well as being part of the production team, I also assisted and filmed various sections of the Planet Earth II series.  



Wonders of the monsoon - waiting for the rains

Chasing storms. What could possibly go wrong?

In late 2013 I was asked to follow a BBC Natural History Unit crew to film lightening storms forming over Northern Australia. This was my first foreign shoot and one that I wouldn't forget in a hurry. Standing on the side of a hilltop while lightening struck all around us was one hell of an experience. We drove well over 2000km in order to film the perfect storm and in doing so, I got to experience the true wilderness of Australia's Northern Territory.